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Now What’s Next?

When you respond to the invitation and accepts Jesus into your heart, you make a declaration to the other kingdom – the kingdom of darkness, that you have switched side.  You are now a child of light and no longer belong in the dark, and because of this, your deeds are readily seen by the children of darkness, and you are a target.  Their father, the only enemy of God and humanity- Lucifer, satan, the devil, will do everything within his power to derail you in your endeavours.  But hold tight, don’t feel sorry for yourself yet, because now you have the entire host of heaven behind you! Halleluiah!!!

Jesus is the Lord of hosts.  He sends His angels to rescue, and protect you from danger.  These heavenly hosts minister to you in your time of need, carry God’s messages to you in dreams and visions, and inflict divine penalties on your enemies that would prevent you from obeying God’s commands. Most importantly, God’s Spirit (Holy Spirit) now resides in you, and He teaches, leads, comforts, directs, prays … for you.  You are no longer alone for the rest of your life! Isn’t that awesome? Hebrews 13:5

Let me declare to you that there are only two kingdoms- the kingdom of light, and the kingdom of darkness.  You can only be in one at a time, and there is no middle ground.   So, be honest to yourself once you’ve come to Jesus that you will never go back no matter what comes your way.  What this decision affords you is freedom from fear, guilt, regret, failures, loneliness etc.
Pray continually.  God is always with you – talk to Him.  Count on God’s constant help.  Realize that the Christian life is to be lived not in your own strength but through God’s power.

    Prayer:   Thank You Lord for saving my soul.  Help me daily to live for You and You only!   Teach me by Your Spirit daily to pick up my cross (burden) and follow You.  You will make my burden light and my yoke easy.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen! (Matthew 11:28-30)

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